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Action: AdjustMetaData

Posted by onlydarksets on January 29, 2008


This Action will write certain meta data to the CutDvrmsFile Context. By default, it will create two new meta data fields (and default them to the following values):

  • WM/Toolname = DVRMSToolbox
  • WM/ToolVersion = <currentversion> (e.g.,

You can also do the following:

  • FixSlider – not sure why you would do this, but it sets the WM/WMRVEndTime and WM/MediaOriginalRunTime fields.
  • AddTooledToDescription – prepends the MetaMarker value to the WM/SubTitleDescription field. You can then check this value in a processing condition to see if the file has run through a particular Profile.
  • IncrementScheduleItem – not sure why you would do this, but it increments WM/WMRVScheduleItemID.

Using Toub’s DVR-MS meta data editor, you can see the following meta data fields and values have been added:


A few important notes:

  1. AdjustMetaData only writes to the CutDVRMSFile Context. So, if you want to edit the input file (for example), you need to first copy the InputFile Context to the CutDVRMSFile Context. You can set the CutDVRMSFile value by:
    1. Add a ChangeContextValue Action
    2. SourceContext = <Context for which you want to update the meta data>
    3. TargetContext = CutDVRMSFile
    4. FindRegex = (.*)
    5. ReplaceRegex = $1
  2. This should be the last Action in your Profile. Otherwise, if there is a failure, the file will be marked as successfully processed when, in fact, it was not. Also, due to #1, if you set it too early you could muck up another Action that legitimately needs to use the CutDVRMSFile Context (e.g., cutting commercials from DVR-MS).
  3. Regenerate MetaTags.bin. MetaTags.bin is a list of all meta data that can be evaluated by a Processing Condition. The “stock” MetaTags.bin does not include WM/Toolname. If you want to evaluate WM/Toolname, you need to first run a Profile that sets WM/Toolname on a DVR-MS file, and then run Generate MetaTags.bin from the Processing Condition dialog box (and select the DVR-MS file you just modified).

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