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Explorer hangs in XP when selecting a Quicktime file

Posted by onlydarksets on April 29, 2008

This is just downright ludicrous.  There is apparently a conflict between Windows Live Photo Gallery and Quicktime, where even single-clicking on a MOV file in Windows Explorer causes Explorer to hang for up to several minutes.  I “fixed” this problem by renaming the culprit: wlxquicktimecontrolhost.exe

The file is located here:

C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Photo Gallery

Just rename it to “WLXQuickTimeControlHost.del”, and the problem should go away.  You can’t do Quicktime previews through Windows Live Photo, but you can at least move QT files around without having to take a coffee break every 2 minutes.

What makes it ludicrous is that MS appears to have known about the problem for some time, yet they haven’t fixed.

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Posted by onlydarksets on April 29, 2008

Best thing since the block!

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Soundex for Microsoft Access

Posted by onlydarksets on April 21, 2008

I found this code to add Soundex to Microsoft Access, which is invaluable for deduping records.  However, it has a key error that causes it to fail – the variable name in the private function is incorrect.

It’s a simple fix (see red below).

Function Soundex(strName As String) As String
‘ Input: A string
‘ Outputs: U.S. National archive “Soundex” number
‘   This number is useful to find similar last names
‘ Created By: JLV 03/01/2003
‘ Last Revised: JLV 06/27/2005
‘ A Soundex code is the first letter, followed by
‘ three numbers derived from evaluating the remaining
‘ letters.  Vowels (including Y) and the letters H and W
‘ are ignored.  When consecutive letters return the
‘ same numeric code, the number appears only once.
‘ When two letters with the same code are separated only
‘ by H or W, the second letter is ignored.
‘ Letters are translated to numbers as follows:
‘   B, P, F, V = 1
‘   C, S, G, J, K, Q, X, Z = 2
‘   D, T = 3
‘   L = 4
‘   M, N = 5
‘   R = 6
‘ If the final code after examining all letters is less
‘ than three digits, the code is padded with zeros.
‘ Working variables:
‘ String to build the code, string to hold code number
Dim strCode As String, strCodeN As String
‘ Length of original string, last code returned, looping integer
Dim intLength As Integer, strLastCode As String, intI As Integer
‘ Save the first letter
strCode = UCase(Left(strName, 1))
‘ Save its code number to check for duplicates
strLastCode = GetSoundexCode(strCode)
‘ Calculate length to examine
intLength = Len(strName)
‘ Create the code starting at the second letter.
For intI = 2 To intLength
   strCodeN = GetSoundexCode(Mid(strName, intI, 1))
   ‘ If two letters that are the same are next to each other
   ‘ only count one of them
   If strCodeN > “0” And strLastCode <> strCodeN Then
     ‘ Different code number, add to the result
     strCode = strCode & strCodeN
   End If
   ‘ If this is not the special “skip” code (H or W)
   If strCodeN <> “0” Then
     ‘ Save the last code number
     strLastCode = strCodeN
   End If
‘ Loop
Next intI
‘ Check the length
If Len(strCode) < 4 Then
   ‘ Pad zeros
   strCode = strCode & String(4 – Len(strCode), “0”)
   ‘ Make sure not more than 4
   strCode = Left(strCode, 4)
End If
‘ Return the result
Soundex = strCode
End Function

Private Function GetSoundexCode(strCharString) As String
‘ Input: One character
‘ Output: U.S. National archive “Soundex” number
‘   for the specified letter
‘ Created By: JLV 03/01/2003
‘ Last Revised: ZHM 04/21/2008
‘   – Fixed error in variable names
Select Case strCharString
   Case “B”, “F”, “P”, “V”
    GetSoundexCode = “1”
   Case “C”, “G”, “J”, “K”, “Q”, “S”, “X”, “Z”
     GetSoundexCode = “2”
   Case “D”, “T”
     GetSoundexCode = “3”
   Case “L”
     GetSoundexCode = “4”
   Case “M”, “N”
     GetSoundexCode = “5”
   Case “R”
     GetSoundexCode = “6”
   Case “H”, “W”
     ‘ Special “skip” code
     GetSoundexCode = “0”
End Select
End Function

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Fix skipping in WMP 11 on Vista

Posted by onlydarksets on April 4, 2008

In the last 10 seconds of every track, WMP would freeze and then skip.  It didn’t happen in any other player, but I prefer WMP (I listen to a lot of DRM music via Zune Marketplace).  Well, turns out it’s a problem with the SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC.  If you disable the “enhancements”, the problem goes away.

  1. Right click on the volume icon in the system tray and select Playback Devices.image
  2. Select the SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC and click Properties.image
  3. Check the Disable all enhancements box.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any enhancements enabled – you still need to check the box.image

That should do it!

Source: Nataliya33

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