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More task syncing with the iPhone (or WM)

Posted by onlydarksets on December 29, 2008

In addition to the many other options out there, I have been playing with a relatively new entry – Task2Gather.  This, like Zenbe Lists, is a Web 2.0/iPhone tandem where both components were developed by the same outfit.  For T2G, it’s Vito Technology, which is probably best known for developing several apps that make a Windows Mobile device behave more like the iPhone.  Recently, though, they’ve gotten into the iPhone app development game.

Task2Gather   Task2Gather_WM

Task2Gather (which also has a WM client) is different than almost every other task app out there, because it allows infinite nesting.  I have been playing with this for a while, and it’s really helpful for the way I work.  However, it also means that Outlook task synchronization is rather unlikely.  As a workaround, though, you can publish your task list as an iCalendar, and subscribe to it in Outlook.  It also supports multiple users, but that’s not something I have tested.

The app is very polished, and takes full advantage of the iPhone interface.  The screen is well laid out, the icons are informative, and the navigation is intuitive.  The “Logout” button is incoveniently placed, but it’s a minor inconvenience.

The only two “knocks” I have at this point are the lack of Outlook sync and the lack of off-line mode.  However, lacking Outlook task sync is becoming a fact of life with the iPhone, not a shortcoming of any particular app, and the developers are working on an offline mode, so I’m pretty excited about the potential here.  To further sweeten the pot, the iPhone client is only $0.99 until Vito completes and releases the off-line mode.

Download from the App Store (iTunes link).

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The i760 is no more…

Posted by onlydarksets on July 22, 2008

I just got back from selling my i760. I have officially left the realm of Windows Mobile (ok, not really – I still have my old Moto Q, but I no longer have a Verizon account). The 6.1 upgrade seemed nice, too, although I did not really play with out much.

Onwards and upwards!

(btw, this was posted from the new WordPress app for theiPhone)

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Finding the MAC on the i760 (redux)

Posted by onlydarksets on July 22, 2008

I had previously posted how to find the MAC address on the i760 running WM6.  With the official release of WM 6.1, the code has changed.  You now need to enter #43574357*.

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iPhone activation relies on Windows Mobile

Posted by onlydarksets on July 20, 2008

Imagine my surprise yesterday, when the Apple employee who was hooking up my iPhone pulled out a handheld device running Windows Mobile!  There was a full-screen application (looked like something in Java), but I saw the distinctive WM keyboard select icon (in the system tray area) and the craptacular WM QWERTY keyboard (funny nonsequitor – I actually had to think for a second how to spell QWERTY):

I am pretty sure the device was the Symbol MC70 (or a predecessor to it):

I’m surprised I couldn’t find anything on this on the interwebs.  I’d have guessed this would be a hot-topic.
Still not “hot”, but it’s out there. Thanks, Pony99CA.

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Windows Mobile 6.1 for Samsung i760

Posted by onlydarksets on July 14, 2008

Update: It’s now officially official.

It’s now (semi?) official – you can upgrade your i760 to WM 6.1.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll give it a go tomorrow.  You can find the directions on Samsung’s website.  Here are direct links to the updater.

It sounds like you need to use the original cable (i.e., don’t use a sync/charge cable) and plug it DIRECTLY into the PC (i.e., not into a hub).

Also, there might be an issue with setting up Gmail, although there is a workaround:

Some of the benefits:

  • No SDHC hack necessary for >2GB microSD cards (apparently supports up to 8GB)
  • WM6.1 apps (e.g., threaded SMS, zooming PIE, Youtube support)
  • Battery life and speed optimizations

Source: PDA Phone Home i760 forum

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OperaMini 4

Posted by onlydarksets on February 15, 2008

One of the best WM browsers out there is also the cheapest – it’s free!  Opera Mini runs in a JVM, so you will have to install one.  I used Cloudyfa’s Esmertec Jbed.

Once you have Jbed installed, install the High Memory version of Opera Mini 4.

However, by default there is no one-click shortcut.  Someone solved that here. (source: mwfielder)

Also, you have to click a couple of confirmations each time you load the browser, which is a bit of a pain.  Again, though, there is a fix! (source: mwfielder)

    1. Use File Explorer and navigate to \windows\appdb\selector.utf
    2. Copy that file to a place you will remember
    3. Download the attached file to somewhere on the i760 and unzip it
    4. Copy the file (selector.utf) to \windows\appdb\
    5. Explorer will ask if you want to overwrite the file and you should click yes.
    6. Close everything and start up OperaMini. You should be able to navigate each time you open OperaMini up without seeing the 2 prompts.

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Getting SDHC to work

Posted by onlydarksets on December 26, 2007

UPDATE: Now it’s clear that the card is bad.  Off to BB (again!).

UPDATE: Looks like it’s the card reader, too. Ugh – off to BB in the morning.

I got a 4GB microSDHC card for my i760 for Christmas, and getting it working has been a bit of a pain. First, you need a hacked driver to get it working on the i760. However, you also need a hotfix to get it working in Windows XP! To make it worse, MS won’t just “give” you the hotfix – you have to request it. However, there is an alternative! See below…

i760 driver:

Windows XP hotfix:

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WM6 Professional Software List

Posted by onlydarksets on December 13, 2007

I did a hard reset, and figured I’d track the apps I install, along with the major configurations.

  • phoneAlarm
    • PhatPhinger skin
  • AgendaOne (v1.5)
  • LiveSearch
  • PDANet (v1.80)
  • TCPMP (v.72rc1)
    • TCPMP ffmpeg plugin
  • FlexWallet (v3)
  • TotalCommander
  • XnPocketView
  • Microsoft Office Mobile (v6.1)
  • Sprite Backup

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Task manager menu

Posted by onlydarksets on December 12, 2007

I’m looking for a task manager that can be launched via a hard button and will allow me to terminate any program from a drop-down menu, as well as do a soft-reset. I’ve found a bunch, but each has a drawback.

Has anyone found one that does everything?

Application Cost Drawbacks Extras
DinarSoft HandySwitcher $9.99 No soft-reset Lightweight
DinarSoft HandyMenu $5.99 No task manager
SBSH iLauncher $14.99 Requires Today Plug-in Launcher
Spb Pocket Plus $29.99 Lacks focus as an application – too expensive for task manager Bundles a bunch of unrelated programs together
tMan Free Latest version won’t map to button with AE Button Plus
Just plain works
pBar Free Functionally complete, but bug causes icons to disappear when message arrives. BT/Wifi/Phone toggle
vBar Free Doesn’t integrate to WM6 skin; no soft-reset
SmallMenu Free No soft-reset; more of a Start menu replacement.
InClose Free Unidentified bug shut phone down automatically
Magic Button Free No one-handed operation.
WkTask Free Limited one-handed operation.  

Sources: PDAPhoneHome; PocketPCFreeware; FreewarePPC.

Update 2008-02-28

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Screen protectors (personal experience)

Posted by onlydarksets on November 28, 2007

Following up on this post, I purchased the Pocket Solutions HD Screen Protectors.  They are not the crystal clear kind, but, rather the anti-glare kind.

The first set I received was not cut properly.  After my second support request (the first received no response), Pocket Solutions sent me a replacement set at no cost.  These fit better, but there is about a 1/32″ gap on one side.  I’m not sure anything can be done about that, though, since the screen on the i760 is recessed.

It has worked well so far – no smudges, fairly readable outdoors, and no scratches.

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