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Winterboard themes using Terminal

Posted by onlydarksets on September 30, 2008

I don’t have wifi at work, so I can’t SFTP into my iPhone to update the theme.  My *nix skills are a bit rusty (has it changed since 1995?), so here’s my cheatsheet.

Of course, you must jailbreak first.  Also, make sure you have terminal and curl installed.

  1. Upload the new icon file somewhere and note the URL
  2. Open Terminal
  3. Change to root user (“su root”)
  4. Navigate to Themes directory (“cd /Library/Themes”)
  5. Navigate to the folder you want to put the file into (“cd ODS.theme”)
  6. Use curl to download the file and save it locally (“curl -o file.png”)
That’s it!

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Interesting new search engine – MSE360

Posted by onlydarksets on September 28, 2008

Returns search results, natch, but also has separate sections in the results page for blog postings and images relating to the search terms.

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The evolution of Windows

Posted by onlydarksets on September 26, 2008

While searching for “Evolution for Windows“, I came across a history of the evolution OF Windows.  Although I didn’t start with Windows until v3.0, it’s all a trip down memory lane!

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Upgrading the C: drive

Posted by onlydarksets on September 26, 2008

When I rebuilt my SageTV server, I used an old (smaller) PATA drive instead of overwriting the existing (larger) SATA, just in case something went horribly wrong.  That way I could just pop the old drive back in and try another day, if necessary.

Well, everything went eerily right, so now I want to image the PATA drive to the SATA drive.  I have Acronis, but it never really worked well for me.  Lifehacker posted a guide, so I’ll give that a try.

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Evolution for Windows installer updated

Posted by onlydarksets on September 26, 2008

When I’ve had to access different Exchange servers for my company and a client, Evolution for Windows has come in handy (instead of using MojoPac). Looks like they have an updated installer out (XP only?).

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ffmpeg: “trell” errors

Posted by onlydarksets on September 24, 2008

I’ve found a few command lines to use ffmpeg to convert to iPod format, and they almost all use the “trell” flag.  I kept getting errors, and then I found that it is no longer a valid flag, so it needs to be removed from the command line.

And what is “trell”?  Not sure – something to do with quantization:

trell trellis quantization
this will find the optimal encoding for each 8×8 block
trellis quantization is quite simple a optimal quantization in the PSNR vs bitrate sense (assuming that there would be no rounding errors introduced by the IDCT, which is obviously not the case) it simply finds a block for the minimum of error + lambda*bits
lambda is a qp dependant constant
bits is the amount of bits needed to encode the block
error is simple the sum of squared errors of the quantization

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iPhone’s missing task sync: TaskData

Posted by onlydarksets on September 24, 2008

Just released:

TaskData – over the air synchronization of Exchange tasks for your iPhone has launched and available in the iTunes store.

Seems a little pricey to me, but that may just be my reluctance to pay anything for functionality that should be built-in.  It’s better than multi-step synciTunes link ($12.99).

UPDATE: To be clear, I think the entire Task app genre is priced incorrectly, not just TaskData.  I did not mean to single out this app.

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Free PDF markup tool

Posted by onlydarksets on September 22, 2008

I had to markup a file I had in PDF-only format, and a quick search turned up an incredibly powerful and FREE (even for commercial use) tool called PDF-XChange Viewer.  In addition to being a lightweight (4MB) and fast PDF viewer (with a portable version and with IE and FF plugins), it also provides markup tools like highlighting, text boxes, comments, and drawing.

For Windows, of course.

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Mediamote – VMC remote for iPhone

Posted by onlydarksets on September 19, 2008

Mediamote (iTunes link) is a remote control app that allows the iPhone to control VMC.

Not much to look at or in the description: “Mediamote is a remote control for Windows Media Center.”

Some more screenshots would be nice.  I’m curious how much data is pulled under the REC’D TV, Guide, Live TV, and DVD Menu buttons.

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Convert Sage recordings to iPhone

Posted by onlydarksets on September 19, 2008

I have posted an updated method.  I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU USE IT INSTEAD!  I leave the below for posterity…


NOTE: mencoder is not cutting commercials properly on my system.  Everything else is working fine.  I’ll post an update when I get it working.

Here is how I’m converting SageTV recordings to iPhone-compatible (and Touch/iPod-compatible) MP4 videos.  This will also work for the Zune!

At a high level, the steps (and applications used) are:

  1. DVRMSToolbox: monitor the recordings directories, identify which shows to process, grab the metadata that is later written to the MP4, and control program flow
  2. comskip or ShowAnalyzer: Scan for commercials
  3. mencoder: Cut commercials
  4. ffmpeg: Convert to MP4 (note: I had problems with the latest Windows build of ffmpeg, but the one from worked fine)
    1. Option 2 is to use mencoder to cut out commercials and convert to MP4 in single pass, and then use NicMP4Box to fix the MP4 container to make it iPod-compatible
  5. AtomicParsley: Write metadata to identify as TV Shows (plus any other info we have)

I am assuming basic familiarity with DTb, so I’ll talk about how to setup the Profile to process a Sage recording, but I am not addressing installing DTb or setting up the processing condition.

More after the break…

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