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Essential Tools

Posted by onlydarksets on September 21, 2006

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Increase web browsing speed on Q

Posted by onlydarksets on September 12, 2006

This hack changes the DNS servers (which the web browser contacts before each web request to figure out the IP address of the web server) from Verizon’s slooooowww DNS servers to’s FAST servers.

  1. Download and install PHM Registry Editor.
  2. Navigate to registry key:
    HKEY\Comm\Cellular Line\Parms\TcpIp\DNS
  3. Change default values to:

Note: Should you need them again, the default values are and

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Application unlock the Q

Posted by onlydarksets on September 11, 2006

Special thanks goes to
spddemn at
Here is the easy steps:

  1. Download and install Device Security Manager Powertoy for Windows Mobile 5.0 from Microsoft. This is a nifty utility to show what security policy is in effect. If you connect your Q to your PC, you’ll see two tier security policy is in effect. (Edit by ODS: You need .NET 2.0 on your PC for this app to work).
  2. Download and copy to your Q (using ActiveSync, Total Commander, or just browse this site via Pocket Internet Explorer). I got this from Telus support, after following a post on
  3. Run and install it. This allows you to install third party SSL Root Certs.
  4. If you run Device Security Manager Powertoy for Windows Mobile 5.0 now (it is listed in Start – Programs as “Security Configuration Manager”, you’ll see now you are using One Tier Prompt. Select Security Off and click Provision. It will install to your device and then provision the settings.

If you want to do it the hard way, you can also change registry keys:



to the same effect. Interestingly, on many forums, value for 1017 is set as 090 (hex, originally 080), where as the above tool sets it to 10. Also 1005 is set to DE, where many articles I read sets it to 28. The rest is the same. But right after step 3, I was able to manually edit these keys via Resco Regedit or PHM Regedit (HTC Signed copy)

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Q Registry Hacks

Posted by onlydarksets on September 11, 2006

Change Start Menu into List Instead of Grid

  1. \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shell\StartMenu
  2. Change the GridView value to 0 if you want list view.
  3. Change it to 1 if you want grid view.

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Websites for Smartphone

Posted by onlydarksets on September 10, 2006

Comprehensive List


Sports Scores

Discussion Forums

Package Tracking









USA Today






PocketPCMag Sites

Google News –
USA Today –
BizJournal –

Accuweather –
National Weather Service –
PDA Animated Weather –
Nation Doppler Radar Sites –
Weather Underground –

Delta –
American –
MapQuest –
Google Directions –

Evmo –
Pda hot spots –
Pda mobile web –
Small sites –

Speed test –
Cnet –
Engadget –
Msmobiles –
Pdaphonehome –
PocketPCMag –
Smartphone Thoughts –
Wired –

Proxy service
Google –
Webxcope –
Skweezer –

Research & Info
M&W Dictionary –

Washington Post

Cool Weather


TV Guide

FedEx Tracking

UPS Tracking

Yellow Pages




ESPN Radio

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