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Mounting multiple ISOs

Posted by onlydarksets on November 17, 2008

When installing Office, etc. from our Microsoft Partner MSDN library, I usually take the lazy route and use 7-zip to unpack the ISOs.  ISODisk lets you mount up to 20 ISOs simultaneously, and it seems like a more efficient path.

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Using URL of list item in SharePoint workflows

Posted by onlydarksets on October 24, 2008

This should be more simple than it is.  The short of it is that you need to construct your own URL.  And don’t use spaces in your List names.

This is a link to the <a href=”http://intranet/%5B%LISTNAME:Path%%5D/DispForm.aspx?ID=%5B%LISTNAME:ID%%5D”&gt; list item</a>

The item “intranet” is the path to the root of your SharePoint site – “;

[%LISTNAME:Path%] is the lookup item from the workflow email message builder – “Current Item” (first selection) “Path” (second selection)

[%LISTNAME:ID%] is the lookup item from the workflow email message building – “Current Item” (first selection) “ID” (second selection)

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Using [Today] and [Me] in SharePoint calculated columns

Posted by onlydarksets on March 20, 2008

Once again, I have nothing to add to this great tip:

  1. First, create a new column in your list with the column name of “Today”.  
    Click “OK”.  (It doesn’t matter what type of column or data it is, this is
    just a place holder and will be removed later).
    MK Note: Create column called Today… I also created a column called DOB (date field) where I will enter the birth date.
  2. Next, create a column with the data where you would like to use “Today” as a
    reference to today’s date.  The column type should be “Calculated”.  In the
    formula field, create your formula using “Today” as if it held the column date/time.
    SharePoint will calculate the formula based on the assumption that you will
    be using “Today” as a reference to the new column you just created.
    MK Note: I created a column called MonthCheck with the formula shown below:
  3. Next, edit the new column named “Today” that you created in the first step.  
    On the very bottom of the page, click “Delete”, to delete the column.  In
    your formula, SharePoint will keep the reference to “Today” but it will
    change from referencing your column, to a reference to the current date.
  4. MK Note: Now you can create your new view in the list to display “This Month’s Birthdays“.  Just apply a filter to Show only when the following is true: MonthCheck is equal to Birthday
    I’ve also created a BirthDay Column (Capitalized the “D“ to note the difference) as well that is a calculated column: =DATE(YEAR(Today),MONTH(DOB),DAY(DOB))
    You can then create a view to display Today’s Birthdays by filtering to Show only when the following is true: BirthDay is equal to [Today]

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Multiple Authentication Prompts in SharePoint 2007 (aka 3.0)

Posted by onlydarksets on March 20, 2008

I couldn’t have said it any better than this person:

Problem: I can not save my user credentials (username and password) for my SharePoint site when I’m using Internet Explorer 7.0. I keep clicking the check box next to “save password” but it doesn’t seem to work and I’m constantly prompted to re-authenticate when I access the site or move between areas with different permission schemas.

Solution: Remove your site from Trusted Sites if you had added to this list and then change one security setting for the Internet Zone in IE 7.0. Follow the steps below –

  1. If you have added your site to “Trusted Sites” in Internet Explorer remove the site from the list by going to Tools>Options>Security Tab>Trusted Sites>Remove your site URL.
  2. Return to the Security Tab>Select the Internet Zone>Custom Level>Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list. Under User Authentication check “Automatic logon with current username and password.” Click OK twice and return to Internet Explorer.

Close all instances of Internet Explorer and then reopen Internet Explorer, return to your SharePoint site, authenticate and save your username and password. This will clear up your problem.

Warning: Even though this solution will get rid of the annoying re-authentication prompt its not always a good idea and 100% safe to cache your credentials, or anything for that matter in your browser. – Thank you to Chris Hayashida at Prosum for raising this important point.

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Rubbish in filtered dropdownlist from calculated field

Posted by onlydarksets on March 19, 2008

I’d love to create a filtered list from a calculated field, but I’m hitting a problem where it is prepending “string;#” to every stored value.  This is similar to this post:

Of course, try searching for “string;#” in any search engine.  They all strip off the semi-colon and hash symbol, leaving the search pretty worthless.

The code snippet is:

<SharePoint:DVDropDownList runat=”server” id=”ff1{$Pos}” DataSourceID=”fdsConsultants2DS” DataTextField=”ConsultantName” DataValueField=”ConsultantName” selectedvalue=”{@Title}” __designer:bind=”{ddwrt:DataBind(‘i’,concat(‘ff1′,$Pos),’SelectedValue’,’SelectedIndexChanged’,’ID’,ddwrt:EscapeDelims(string(@ID)),’@Title’)}” /></td>

Where DataValueField is the calculated field in the lookup table (and SelectedValue tells it to store DataValueField).

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