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Moto Q hacks

Posted by onlydarksets on May 30, 2008

Good listing of the available hacks

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Dialpad graphics for Moto Q

Posted by onlydarksets on May 30, 2008

I had to revert to the Q when my i760 crashed.  Finally tracked these down again:

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Windows keyboard shortcuts overview

Posted by onlydarksets on May 23, 2008

Amazing – Windows Help actually has…answers!  I was looking for keyboard shortcuts, and found the most comprehensive list I’ve seen.  This is verbatim from the help file (after the break).

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Default Windows Mobile Media Player to “Storage Card”

Posted by onlydarksets on May 15, 2008

I use WMMP every day on the drive to work, and one of my pet peeves is that every morning I have to manually select “Storage Card’ to point it to my music.  This trick (which simply removes the Device library), solves that problem!

Mobile Windows Media Player, when launched, defaults to showing the “My Device” library. You probably want it to open the “Storage Card” library by default. You can remove the “My Device” library listing option completely by deleting the following file: “Mobile Device\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player\”  This way, only the files in your Storage Card library will show up in Windows Media Player Mobile.

Source: pocketnow

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Getting metadata from WMV files

Posted by onlydarksets on May 10, 2008

Update: Here is a better description of the solution.

Andy posted some code a while back to get metadata from a DVR-MS file, and I needed something similar for WMV.  Luckily, it seems to work on any file with metadata.  It won’t grab it all (e.g., season and episode), but it gets a lot of it.  Here’s the adapted code:

sub GetFileProperties(inFilePath)
    dim title, subtitle, folderName, fileName, createDate
    dim objShell, objFolder
    Dim fso, item, f

    Set fso = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”)
    Set objShell = CreateObject(“Shell.Application”)

    folderName = fso.GetParentFolderName(inFilePath)
    fileName = fso.GetFileName(inFilePath)

    Set objFolder = objShell.Namespace(folderName) 
    set item = objFolder.ParseName(fileName)
    Wscript.Echo objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 10)

    Wscript.Echo “(1) Filesize: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 1)
    Wscript.Echo “(2) File type: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 2)
    Wscript.Echo “(3) Created Date: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 3)
    Wscript.Echo “(4) Modified Date: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 4)
    Wscript.Echo “(5) Accessed Date: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 5)
    Wscript.Echo “(6) Attrib?: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 6)
    Wscript.Echo “(7) ?: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 7)
    Wscript.Echo “(8) User: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 8)
    Wscript.Echo “(10) **Series Name: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 10)
    Wscript.Echo “(21) **Show Length: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 21)
    Wscript.Echo “(22) **Bitrate: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 22)
    Wscript.Echo “(23) ?: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 23)
    Wscript.Echo “(26) **Resolution: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 26)
    Wscript.Echo “(27) **Horizontal Res: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 27)
    Wscript.Echo “(28) **Vertical Res: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 28)
    Wscript.Echo “(29) **Episode Name: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 29)
    Wscript.Echo “(30) **Episode Description: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 30)
    Wscript.Echo “(32) **Audio bits: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 32)
    Wscript.Echo “(33) **Audio kHz: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 33)
    Wscript.Echo “(34) **Audio channels: ” & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(item, 34)

    set f = nothing
    set item = nothing

    set objFolder = nothing
    set objShell = nothing
    set fso = nothing
end sub

dim args
set args = wscript.arguments

GetFileProperties args(0)

set args = nothing

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iPhone hate – keyboards

Posted by onlydarksets on May 5, 2008

There are some things I love about the iPhone (UI, performance, storage space) and some things I hate (lack of extensibility, no tasks, no 3G).  What I hate most about the iPhone is the fact that it’s near impossible to have a rational conversation about its pros and cons.  This even extends to the supposedly impartial fourth estate.

I came across this article about the iPhone keyboard:;_ylt=Apr_sHbpkCOcVRnVDAijiZ.SxLEF

The following, I believe, is absolutely true:

In spite of all the well-deserved hoopla about the iPhone, RIM still has an impregnable position in enterprise and corporate markets — its tactile QWERTY keyboard is way more accurate than Apple’s glass keyboard, and corporate types are less tolerant of e-mail errors than rank-and-file consumers.

This, however, seems completely unsupportable:

On the other hand, RIM, which has been advertising for experienced Apple technology experts, may be able to replicate the Apple touch screen — other handset makers have similar handset touch screens — easier than Apple can come up with an accurate enough keyboard to satisfy corporate users.

Who could honestly believe that RIM can invent a touch UI more easily than Apple can slap a keyboard on its existing UI?  That’s just bunk.

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