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HowTo: “Hello World” – Profiles

Posted by onlydarksets on September 22, 2007

Hello World – Profiles

Profiles are the brains behind the DVR-MS processing and conversion performed by DTb. Profiles are stored as individual files in the C:\Program Files\DVRMSToolbox\Profiles directory.

This tutorial will walk you through the building and executing a basic Profile that renames the input file. The screenshots are from Windows XP, but apply equally to Windows Media Center 2005 and Windows Vista.

First, open DVRMStoMPEGGUI from the Start menu.

Select Tools then Settings from the menu to bring up the DVRMSToolboxSettings window (you can also run this directly from the Start menu).

Click the New Profile button to bring up the Profile dialog.

Enter a short name with no spaces in Name and a longer description (spaces OK) in Description.

· The Name field is used to set the filename. Make sure the value you use here is not already in use in the C:\Program Files\DVRMSToolbox\Profiles directory. If you use a value that is the same as a file name (minus the “dpc” extension), it will overwrite the existing file.

· The Description field is displayed in the DVRMSToolboxSettings window. Duplicates are OK, but it makes it very hard to tell which Profile you are executing.

Click the Add button to bring up the NewPlugin (Action selection) window.

Select Durrant.Plugins.AdvancedFileRename, and then click the Select button to bring up the Configure dialog.

Set the ContextFile field to InputFile, and click the OK button.

Click the Save button in the Profile dialog.

Click the Save button in the DVRMSToolboxSettings window.

In the DVRMSToolboxGUI window, double click in the Input File textbox to bring up the File dialog. Select a DVR-MS file.

Enter any valid path and any filename in the Output File textbox (it doesn’t matter for this Profile, because it only modifies the input file).

Select your new Profile from the Profile drop-down listbox.

Click the Run button. The output will be displayed in the window, and, when the Profile is done executing, a confirmation dialog will display asking if you want to save the output to a log file.

Now, when you check the filename of the InputFile, you will see the Title – Episode – Air Date, instead of the default Windows Media Center filename.


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Unlocking the Mio c520

Posted by onlydarksets on September 7, 2007


  • Download v6.2 (more stable than v7)
  • Unzip to SD card (not MMC)
  • Hard reboot Mio without SD card in
  • Insert card, and it should boot up

Missing DLLs

Tips and Tricks

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Mencoder aspect ratios

Posted by onlydarksets on September 5, 2007

Found here.

If you want square pixels, use “-vf scale=-1:-2”, or if you want to scale the height to 480 and have the width automatically selected to get square pixels, use “scale=-2:480”

If you want to add black bars to make the video fit a 4:3 aspect, just use “-vf expand=aspect=4/3” (then scale to VCD/SVCD/DVD resolution).

If you don’t specifically want either of the above, just use “-lavcopts autoaspect” and it will select the correct aspect ratio for you.

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Hacking the Mio c520

Posted by onlydarksets on September 5, 2007

Complete Skins:

Locked changes:

Unlocked changes:


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