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Commercial Viewer: Another great tool from babgvant

Posted by onlydarksets on December 26, 2008

UPDATE: Andy has already released an update.  Get the binary here.  I have updated the screenshot below.

Andy has posted yet another great tool on his site: Commercial Viewer.  This tool loads a video file and its associated EDL commercial file and lets you modify the values to fine-tune the commercial segments.  This isn’t a tool for every show that gets recorded – I use this for shows I want to archive indefinitely.


In the screenshot above, you can see the app.  Once you select a video, it also loads the associated EDL file (of course, you have to run SA or ComSkip on the video file first).  You can preview the video, although you can’t jump to an arbitrary spot (i.e., there is no slider) and you can jump to an arbitrary spot by clicking on the green/red slider (updated per Andy’s comment below – the perils of 5a posting).  You can select a commercial segment using the list on the right.  The two text boxes display the start and end times of the commercial segment, and you can jump to either of those spots.

Get it here.

2 Responses to “Commercial Viewer: Another great tool from babgvant”

  1. andy vt said

    The segment display (green/red section) is click-able. Does the same thing as a slider.

  2. Oops – I thought I tried that, but apparently not. Thanks, I updated the post!

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