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Syncing tasks/todos with the iPhone

Posted by onlydarksets on August 28, 2008

UPDATE: No Exchange support, but Task2Gather is pretty cool.

UPDATE: A new entry syncs directly with Exchange.

Strangely, the iPhone has no in-built Tasks list, which means, of course, it doesn’t sync tasks OTA.  I used to rely heavily on tasks, but I’m changing the way I work a bit to use appointments for “tasks” that really should be on my calendar (thus, forcing me to actually do them).  However, I still need to maintain a tasklist.  Here are the less-than-ideal options I’ve found.

A few that sync with Outlook:

  • iDo – apparently it’s in German?
  • KeyTasks – $10 per year; a bit flaky judging by the comments; doesn’t support categories
  • ToDo – 2 step process to sync with Outlook; requires Toodledo account (currently free, but that could always change)

One that syncs with an online tasklist:

  • Zenbe Lists – works great, but no way to delete lists on phone and no notes

A bunch with Mac support, but no Windows or online support (I have no comment, since the failing for my situation is obvious):

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