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Disappearance of Netshare not so nefarious?

Posted by onlydarksets on August 5, 2008

Apparently the disappearance of Netshare that got so many up in arms was not so nefarious after all:

NetShare status report 2

We’ve finally gotten in contact with Apple. Looks like the lack of communication was due to automated e-mail systems being employed on both ends, which resulted in e-mails being lost in transit. We’re working with Apple to get NetShare back up on the AppStore.

This gives me hope that I was wrong about PDANet getting the stiff arm (which I think will be a more transparent solution).

On a tangent, I’ve been told that tethering sucks battery life at a rate faster than it can be replenished via charging.  Given that all current solutions max out the 3G and use Wifi simultaneously, I can’t say I’m surprised.  Here’s hoping for a docked or BT-based solution from June Fabrics!


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