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iPhone activation relies on Windows Mobile

Posted by onlydarksets on July 20, 2008

Imagine my surprise yesterday, when the Apple employee who was hooking up my iPhone pulled out a handheld device running Windows Mobile!  There was a full-screen application (looked like something in Java), but I saw the distinctive WM keyboard select icon (in the system tray area) and the craptacular WM QWERTY keyboard (funny nonsequitor – I actually had to think for a second how to spell QWERTY):

I am pretty sure the device was the Symbol MC70 (or a predecessor to it):

I’m surprised I couldn’t find anything on this on the interwebs.  I’d have guessed this would be a hot-topic.
Still not “hot”, but it’s out there. Thanks, Pony99CA.

4 Responses to “iPhone activation relies on Windows Mobile”

  1. Pony99CA said

    You couldn’t find mention of this on the Web? You didn’t look hard enough. 😀 And they’ve apparently been doing it for years!

  2. Of course I saw those. I meant the other “interwebs”.

    Thanks for the heads up – I’m still recovering from lack of sleep!

  3. Pony99CA said

    No worries. If you were only looking at iPhone sites, I don’t expect they’d have featured this story. 😀

  4. I used Google. J/K’s article isn’t seeding well there, unless you include “point-of-sale” (which I did not). Not sure why, since 90% of the other posts about it are simply references to his post.

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