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Getting the iPhone 3G (Part 3)

Posted by onlydarksets on July 20, 2008

At 7:15a, the first Apple employee came out.  There were only about 10 of us, so he didn’t have to count the line down.  Instead, he was asking whether we were porting, upgrading an existing line, or creating a new account.  He then offered to “pre-screen” people to ensure everything went smoothly and so they didn’t have to wait in line if their account, for example, had a FAN discount associated with it.

+1 for showing initiative.

Surprisingly, everyone was porting, so there was nothing to check.  He went back in, but came out about 5 minutes later (7:25a), and said they would starting processing us 2 hours early!  So, my anticipated 5 hour ordeal was almost cut in half.

+1 again.


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