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Getting the iPhone 3G (Part 2)

Posted by onlydarksets on July 19, 2008

At 9:01p on Friday, I checked the Apple iPhone Availability Site.  It showed only two stores in Northern Virginia (out of 4) would have the iPhone: one would have only the 16GB White (the least popular model), while the other would have all three in stock. 

Despite it’s unpopularity, I wanted the White model in order to reduce fingerprints and scratches showing up on the back, so I figured my best chance would be to go to the store with only the White in stock.  There would be fewer people trying to get the other models, and, thus, fewer people “settling” for the White (and reducing my odds).  Since this was my one and only shot to get the phone, I showed up at 4:45a.  Imagine my surprise when there was already one gentleman in front of me. 

We talked for a bit, and it turns out he got there at 3:30a.  He soon reveals, though, that he actually got his iPhone yesterday (got in line at 5:00a), but that he was here today to try to make some money by “line squatting” and then selling his spot to someone at the back of the line for around $100.  I figured they had to have at least 3 phones in there (all White), so I wasn’t too worried about myself.  This gentleman, however, was another story.

While I admire his entrepreneurial spirit, I have no idea why he chose to go to the location that not only had fewer models, but, as I mentioned, had only the least popular model in stock.  What on earth made him think this store would have a longer line than the other store (just 7 miles away)?  Unfortunately, the market crushed this individual.

By 6:00a, we were still the only ones there.  At 6:25a, four more people showed up.  At 6:45a, another person showed up.  At 7:15a, when the Apple dudes came out to brief us on the status, there were a grand total of about 10 people in line.

Dejected, tired, and not $100 richer for the effort, our friend packed up his chair and went home.

Moral of the story: If you are going to try to exploit the market, do a little research first.

Sidenote: The store actually had two Black 16GB phones left.  I got one of them (so much for my fingerprint theory!).


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