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I’m a hypocrite (but kudos to Apple)

Posted by onlydarksets on July 18, 2008

But not a very successful one.

I went online last night and found out the Apple store in Tysons Corner, VA would have black and white 16GB iPhones in stock on Friday.  I went down there and was in line at 6:30a, about #35 or so.  I know, I said I wouldn’t do it, but I did.  Such is me.

Within 60 seconds, an Apple employee came out of the store and started counting the line.  Stopping about 10 people in front of me, he cut off the line.  He said the rest of us could wait, but it wasn’t likely we would get one.

So, props to Apple for having someone at the store and for helping their potential customers not waste too much time.  For me, I wasted about 45 minutes in travel time (including parking and walking through a deserted mall) and 1 minute of wait time.  More than I would have liked, but not nearly as much as it could have been.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes…


4 Responses to “I’m a hypocrite (but kudos to Apple)”

  1. Sebhelyesfarku said

    There’s a sucker born every minute

  2. Paul Lynfer said

    Apple has class. Plain and simple.

  3. Best of luck. Hope you get one soon.

  4. Got it! I can’t paste a link from the phone (of course), so check the home page for my rationalization!

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