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Windows Mobile 6.1 for Samsung i760

Posted by onlydarksets on July 14, 2008

Update: It’s now officially official.

It’s now (semi?) official – you can upgrade your i760 to WM 6.1.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll give it a go tomorrow.  You can find the directions on Samsung’s website.  Here are direct links to the updater.

It sounds like you need to use the original cable (i.e., don’t use a sync/charge cable) and plug it DIRECTLY into the PC (i.e., not into a hub).

Also, there might be an issue with setting up Gmail, although there is a workaround:

Some of the benefits:

  • No SDHC hack necessary for >2GB microSD cards (apparently supports up to 8GB)
  • WM6.1 apps (e.g., threaded SMS, zooming PIE, Youtube support)
  • Battery life and speed optimizations

Source: PDA Phone Home i760 forum


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