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Why I hate the iPhone (but will be getting one)

Posted by onlydarksets on June 27, 2008

EDIT: I forgot to include the web in my list of uses.  Fixed.

EDIT: Added tethering – only available with jailbreak.

I’ve used Windows Mobile (and PocketPCs) for about 7 years now, and I’ve grown accustomed to certain features from a portable device.  My uses are primarily email, web surfing, scheduling, task management, music, and video, so it’s nothing too out of the ordinary.

Three of my biggest complaints are being addressed with the v2 iPhone:

  • 3G
  • Exchange support
  • Sanctioned third-party apps

Still, though, there’s a lot to be desired:

  • No dedicated Send/End button (apparently pushing the top button ends a call, which is better than nothing)
  • No home screen replacements (a la Pocketbreeze or phoneAlarm)
  • No profile switching (like phoneAlarm)
  • No voice dialing (Voice Command)
  • No tasks (seriously, how has this been overlooked?)
  • No A2DP (BT car stereo)
  • No local storage for email attachments.
  • No subscription music service.
  • No background applications.
  • No tethering (w/o jailbreaking).

Nonetheless, I’ll be at the Apple store in 2 weeks to buy the new iPhone.  Why?  Because I’m tired of:

  1. Rebooting my stupid phones daily
  2. Watching the stupid hourglass/swirly-thing
  3. Not being able to save any attachments or downloads (Smartphone)
  4. Not being able to do anything without the stylus (PocketPC)
  5. Web “light”

I dunno, maybe I’m going to be equally disappointed by the limitations of the iPhone, but I’m ready for a change after 7 years.


7 Responses to “Why I hate the iPhone (but will be getting one)”

  1. You mention your gripe with the fact that there are no dedicated end/send buttons. You then go on to say that pushing the top button will end a call. This is NOT true. On the current iPhones, pushing this button will put the phone into locked mode, but the call will still be active. This is useful when using speaker phone, because otherwise it can be easy to accidentally push the buttons on the screen. Although I do agree that it would be nice to have a button that would do this because sometimes the touchscreen isn’t as responsive as you would like it to be. For instance, when the screen gets wet (think rain or sweat on a hot day) the touch part barely works. Just something to think about.

  2. Thanks for the info! I did say “apparently”, though, since I don’t have an iPhone on which to confirm it. My concern is talking while driving – I don’t like looking down to end a call. Hopefully my BT stereo can end the call, but I’ve had problems with WM, where it depends on how I initiate the call. That is, if I use the buttons on the stereo to answer, I can use them to end. Otherwise, I have to use the end button on the phone.

  3. SteveOH said

    I’m in the same boat. I scoffed at people who went insane for the iPhone, especially since Windows Mobile Devices already do all that stuff. But what WMDs don’t do is give you a good user experience, which is why I’m switching from my 8125 to the iPhone v2. Reset the phone, wait for it to boot, deal with ActiveSync and Windows issues. Freezing (while the iPhone may freeze, I don’t believe it to be to the degree of my WMD). Additionally, the iPhone has 8GB of storage (at least). 8GB, built in! BUILT IN! That’s insane, compared to my 64MB on my 8125. Granted, I can get an SD Card, but why if the iPhone already has it. That’ll be great to be able to get rid of my mp3 player and not have to carry around more devices (BTW, WM media player sucks as an mp3 player – ie. using it while working out, etc – you must leave the screen on (or the player will stop) and you must leave Media Player running in the foreground (or it’ll stop playing) – yes, 3rd party apps fix that, but I don’t want to work to use my phone, I want my phone to work for me).

    My other reason is as follows: all phone manufacturers (most at least) are now making iPhone knock offs, or at the very least, they’re implementing design and other details into their new phones. That must mean it’s good stuff. Also, the argument that “you can MAKE your WMD look and act like the iPhone” is just silly… because… why not just get the iPhone and enjoy it instead of working for it? 🙂

    *high five* I’ll be ordering mine on Friday as well.

  4. Did you get one, SteveOH? I’m still waiting. Plus, I now have a new toy for my current phone, so that may satisfy me for a couple of weeks.

  5. […] hate the biased lists more than I hate the iPhone. Here’s my own take on the deficiencies:No dedicated Send/End buttonNo home screen replacements (a la Pocketbreeze or phoneAlarm)No profile […]

  6. Justin said

    @iPhone News, unless v2 of the iphone has been changed, the top power button DOES end a call. i quickly found this out because i was used to hitting it on my mda and wing phones to keep the screen off while in a call so not to activate anything while in a call. so, iv the v2iPhone does not do that anymore, great, but, v1 does.

  7. It does end the call, unless the phone is in speaker mode. If it’s in speaker mode, it just locks the phone but leaves the call on. I haven’t tried it with BT yet, but once I get in the car I’ll give it a shot.

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