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iPhone hate – keyboards

Posted by onlydarksets on May 5, 2008

There are some things I love about the iPhone (UI, performance, storage space) and some things I hate (lack of extensibility, no tasks, no 3G).  What I hate most about the iPhone is the fact that it’s near impossible to have a rational conversation about its pros and cons.  This even extends to the supposedly impartial fourth estate.

I came across this article about the iPhone keyboard:;_ylt=Apr_sHbpkCOcVRnVDAijiZ.SxLEF

The following, I believe, is absolutely true:

In spite of all the well-deserved hoopla about the iPhone, RIM still has an impregnable position in enterprise and corporate markets — its tactile QWERTY keyboard is way more accurate than Apple’s glass keyboard, and corporate types are less tolerant of e-mail errors than rank-and-file consumers.

This, however, seems completely unsupportable:

On the other hand, RIM, which has been advertising for experienced Apple technology experts, may be able to replicate the Apple touch screen — other handset makers have similar handset touch screens — easier than Apple can come up with an accurate enough keyboard to satisfy corporate users.

Who could honestly believe that RIM can invent a touch UI more easily than Apple can slap a keyboard on its existing UI?  That’s just bunk.

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