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Explorer hangs in XP when selecting a Quicktime file

Posted by onlydarksets on April 29, 2008

This is just downright ludicrous.  There is apparently a conflict between Windows Live Photo Gallery and Quicktime, where even single-clicking on a MOV file in Windows Explorer causes Explorer to hang for up to several minutes.  I “fixed” this problem by renaming the culprit: wlxquicktimecontrolhost.exe

The file is located here:

C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Photo Gallery

Just rename it to “WLXQuickTimeControlHost.del”, and the problem should go away.  You can’t do Quicktime previews through Windows Live Photo, but you can at least move QT files around without having to take a coffee break every 2 minutes.

What makes it ludicrous is that MS appears to have known about the problem for some time, yet they haven’t fixed.

3 Responses to “Explorer hangs in XP when selecting a Quicktime file”

  1. Markarian said

    I love you. I just got a little HD camcorder that makes MOV files and this problem baffled me. Works like a charm. Thanks much!

  2. Not sure how to respond to that, lol! Glad it helped!

  3. Gabriel said

    Yes!!! It worked just fine for me too!! I was having the very same problem until I tried your solution. THANKS A LOT!!!

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