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OperaMini 4

Posted by onlydarksets on February 15, 2008

One of the best WM browsers out there is also the cheapest – it’s free!  Opera Mini runs in a JVM, so you will have to install one.  I used Cloudyfa’s Esmertec Jbed.

Once you have Jbed installed, install the High Memory version of Opera Mini 4.

However, by default there is no one-click shortcut.  Someone solved that here. (source: mwfielder)

Also, you have to click a couple of confirmations each time you load the browser, which is a bit of a pain.  Again, though, there is a fix! (source: mwfielder)

    1. Use File Explorer and navigate to \windows\appdb\selector.utf
    2. Copy that file to a place you will remember
    3. Download the attached file to somewhere on the i760 and unzip it
    4. Copy the file (selector.utf) to \windows\appdb\
    5. Explorer will ask if you want to overwrite the file and you should click yes.
    6. Close everything and start up OperaMini. You should be able to navigate each time you open OperaMini up without seeing the 2 prompts.

4 Responses to “OperaMini 4”

  1. The issue with having to confirm each time you load Opera Mini is an issue with the phone. I run Opera Mini on my Samsung, and after confirming the first time, it doesn’t prompt again.

    Opera Software

  2. It very well may be a Windows Mobile issue. It’s still an issue, though!

    That said, Opera Mini is really just incredible. I’m looking forward to Opera Mobile 9.5 – if it incorporates much of what Mini does, I’ll probably upgrade to that.

  3. I’ve heard of that issue on WM phones before. I believe it happens with all Java programs (like Opera Mini and Google Maps).

  4. That’s probably true, but Opera Mini is the only Java app I use, so I can’t confirm that. Also, overwriting “selector.utf” may have fixed it for all apps, so I probably couldn’t test it anyway!

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