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Best resolution for playback on Zune and VMC?

Posted by onlydarksets on January 12, 2008

My video source is NTSC via DVR-MS.  I am converting using DVRMSToolbox, natch, (which uses DVR2WMV), and a custom PRX (found here).

Has anyone found a single set of video conversion settings that will allow proper aspect ratios on both the Zune and through Vista Media Center (or an extender)?

DVR-MS SD shows are natively 720×480.  If I maintain the aspect ratio when converting to WMV, the file plays fine on the Zune, but it is letterboxed.  If I lower the resolution to 640×480 during conversion, it looks perfect on the Zune, but the AR is obviously wrong when I play it on VMC or an extender.

I am looking for a conversion setting that will allow the video to display with the proper aspect ratio, regardless of where it is played.  Alternatively, is there an option on the Zune to “stretch” the video to fit the screen during playback?

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