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Posted by onlydarksets on January 8, 2008

Just signed up for a ZunePass for our Zunes.  Turns out you can install it on up to 3 computers and sync it to up to 3 Zunes – pretty sweet for $15/month!

See section 14.2:


2 Responses to “ZunePass”

  1. Matt said

    umm, so your saying, that you can only listen to a song 3 times? that would never fly with me, personaly. because i listen to my zune every day of the week, atleast 3 hours a day on a busy day. i think ill stick to my napster, thank you very much

  2. Nope – you can listen to it as many times as you want on each device. However, you can listen to it “only” on 6 different devices (3 Zunes and 3 Desktops). That said, you can always re-download it to reset the counter!

    It works the same as Napster, which also limits the number of devices.

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