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Task manager menu

Posted by onlydarksets on December 12, 2007

I’m looking for a task manager that can be launched via a hard button and will allow me to terminate any program from a drop-down menu, as well as do a soft-reset. I’ve found a bunch, but each has a drawback.

Has anyone found one that does everything?

Application Cost Drawbacks Extras
DinarSoft HandySwitcher $9.99 No soft-reset Lightweight
DinarSoft HandyMenu $5.99 No task manager
SBSH iLauncher $14.99 Requires Today Plug-in Launcher
Spb Pocket Plus $29.99 Lacks focus as an application – too expensive for task manager Bundles a bunch of unrelated programs together
tMan Free Latest version won’t map to button with AE Button Plus
Just plain works
pBar Free Functionally complete, but bug causes icons to disappear when message arrives. BT/Wifi/Phone toggle
vBar Free Doesn’t integrate to WM6 skin; no soft-reset
SmallMenu Free No soft-reset; more of a Start menu replacement.
InClose Free Unidentified bug shut phone down automatically
Magic Button Free No one-handed operation.
WkTask Free Limited one-handed operation.  

Sources: PDAPhoneHome; PocketPCFreeware; FreewarePPC.

Update 2008-02-28

2 Responses to “Task manager menu”

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